The Agile Partners

We promote and optimize organizations

The Agile Partners

We promote and optimize organizations

Hello, welcome to Partnos.

We are an agile consultancy that helps companies and institutions to be happier and more effective. We adapt to your nature and needs to improve your operations and develop reliable products and services.

Our experience and knowledge enables success in many contexts. We accompany teams in their organisational transformation and give them the keys to work prepared and motivated in constantly changing participatory environments. We create trusting relationships to collaborate with transparency, commitment and autonomy in favor of a permanently active transversal improvement.


We establish the pillars that support an organisational change of continuous improvement.


We involve people so that they feel part of the projects and the organisation.


We introduce inspection, adaptation and continuous improvement processes.


We improved the visibility of the states of the projects with agile progress indicators (KPIs) and the definition of tools.


We help identify bottlenecks or deficiencies in the production and organisation processes.

High performance

We promote self-organised high-performance teams to meet the objectives of the projects.


We encourage effective leadership that achieves the best possible organisation.

We help you deliver more value


We work in an integral and flexible way.


From situation assessments to organisational transformation and change implementation. Our experience in different situations and contexts helps us to choose the best paths to take.


From designing processes of strategic reflection or product definition to facilitating point retrospectives or open space. We maximise the return of the time invested with a facilitation adapted to the objective and the people.


We help teams to transform themselves with a good start, conflict management and the implementation of adequate techniques to achieve high performance as soon as possible and stay agile, without retreating.


We have designed a set of courses adaptable to our clients to accelerate the pace of learning, inject energy and align concepts to mobilise the entire organisation in the desired direction.


We are Partnos: some of the most experienced people in the agile environment of Spain.


Together we open new paths.