To share information, discuss an in-depth topic or align different areas of the company, we organise events of one or several days using the Open Space methodology, which allows us to make the most of collective knowledge.


Planning serves to align the organisation and advance the impediments to obtain a realistic vision of what is viable. We are experts in large-scale planning using tools such as SAFe Big Room Planning and OKR.


In order to follow a dynamic of continuous improvement, it is necessary to carry out participatory problem-solving sessions. We mobilise groups of any size to provide solutions and obtain the commitment to carry them out.


The launching of a project largely marks your probability of success. Choosing the participants of the session well, designing the goals and defining the services and products correctly, as well as having expert facilitators is very important.


Not making important decisions in a group and in an effective way, puts at risk the success of any initiative. We help you to ensure that the governance sessions, both of the project government circles and of the steering committee, are carried out effectively.


Changes in the market will be increasingly frequent and unpredictable; So that they do not catch you off guard, we organise simulations of drastic changes that teach you how to face them, adapt and generate disruptive innovation.


We are Partnos: some of the most experienced people in the agile environment of Spain.