Certified Scrum Master

The best course to understand the benefits of Scrum, its foundations and how to apply it. Iterative and incremental development, empirical control, roles, artefacts and meetings.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

It internalises the role of product owner and addresses the management of the development of a product using Scrum, from the phases of ideation to a Lean Startup approach for its development.

Certified Agile Leadership

All the keys to grow agile organisations, work on personal development and become an effective agile leader.

Management 3.0

The most innovative management tools for teams and agile companies. A management understood as a group responsibility, with a leadership that forgets the order and command to positively involve all employees.


It covers the main agile escalation frameworks (LeSS, SAFe and Nexus), their key differences, how to decide which one to choose according to the context and how to facilitate the new meetings.

Kanban & Lean Thinking

Explains the principles of Lean and how to implement Kanban successfully, both at the team level and the project portfolio.


How to decide collectively effectively, grow without losing agility and promote the effective governance of organisations at any scale.

Advanced Scrum Master

Engage the techniques to successfully launch teams, facilitate meetings better, manage conflicts, lead according to context, guide towards high performance and replicate success at scale.

Design Thinking

It teaches how to solve complex problems and helps design innovative solutions. Promotes work in multidisciplinary teams and address challenges with the user at the center of the process.


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